Kootenay Mask Maker

Designed for Comfort, Breathability and Fit

Face Masks meet the updated guidelines recommended by Health Canada

Why Choose Us?

I live in the beautiful Kootenays and produce face masks from my home. My mission is to make quality face masks that are comfortable, breathable and adjustable and meet all Canadian Health  guidelines. I have tried many patterns and discovered the pleated style with added side pieces is the best.  It is adjustable both width ways and length ways. I have made adjustments so it will fit most Adults. Out of two hundred masks sold only a few were too small.  If your head size is larger or smaller than average let me know.  I will make a mask to fit you for the  same price,  $20.

The face masks are three layers. The top layer is a quality cotton ,inside layer is polypropylene  and inner layer is a smooth, soft cotton jersey that does not irritate the skin. This helps prevent mask acne.

The aluminum nose strip is bendable and helps keep mask close to your face. This helps prevent fogging as well. I use a soft cotton yarn instead of elastic which is comfy around the ears.  The sliders make for an easy adjustment so you can get a good fit.

Washing instructions:  Machine wash on gentle cycle, hang to dry.

 I believe Mask wearing can be made more enjoyable by wearing prints and colors suited to the individual and their environment. I want happy customers and will resolve any issues that occur. I also give a 24 hour money back guarantee from time you receive the mask. 

Shipping is free anywhere in Canada.  I don’t ship outside of Canada. I get your order in the mail as quickly as possible.

"I'm loving the masks I received in the mail. They fold easily and neatly when not being worn, are long-lasting after many washings and are very adjustable for various face shapes and sizes. Highly recommended."

A. MacIsaac, Vancouver

I feel very fortunate to have connected with Kootenay Mask Maker last summer when comfortable masks were hard to come by. These are by far the nicest and most comfortable masks I have tried. The designs and fabrics are beautiful. The soft feel of the inner cotton and the pleats on the outer fabric make them particularly comfortable and a good fit. They are breathable in the summer heat and humidity and provide extra warmth in the Winter. The Kootenay Mask Maker provides a generous amount of material and was very helpful in making sure we had ties that were comfortable and ensuring a good fit. We liked them so much we have come back several times to order more for ourselves and our family. I highly recommend!

Ann P.
Toronto, Ontario

About Us


Owner and creator

I live by the Kootenay lake and am surrounded by mountains and forests. I love Living in the country and being close to nature and wildlife.

Sewing has been a hobby most of my life. I enjoy making pet beds, blankets and toys for Animal rescue groups. I helped make many kangaroos and wallaby pouches and bat wraps when the Australian wild fires were destroying the homes of wildlife and leaving many animals orphaned.

I began volunteering to make face masks when the pandemic began and made fifty of Olsen style masks for local community services. I continued to work on different patterns until I was able to make  one that was comfortable, adjustable and breathable. I began  using an organic cotton jersey for the inside layer because of its softness and breathability. I am now switching  to a soft bamboo cotton blend for the inside layer. It is smooth to the touch, wicks moisture and bamboo is antibacterial. This helps prevent Mask acne. I  use quality cotton and Polypropylene for the inside layer (as recommended by Health Canada) 

I have sold at a local market where I could talk to customers and know they were happy with there purchase. Now summer and fall markets are over, I have decided to sell on-line. I want to ensure i have happy customers online as well. 


I live outside of Nelson, BC.  Local customers can contact me for pick up.

Flexible hours

 Monday to Sunday